Istria is full of beautiful bicykle roads. The most famous of them being Parenzana. You can find more about it under this link: – Parenzana


You can also find a wide range of hiking trails in Istria. If you like hiking, the Mediterranean hiking trails will leave you breathless.


Disover the wide range of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the really natural ones to the more arranged and comercial beches.


Join interesting cycling adventure along the Istrian Peninsula. Ride along the east and west coasts, and into the Istrian inland. The tracks pass through beautiful landscapes dotted with old villages and picturesque towns. Sweep into glorious valleys with rivers and forests and emerge again onto the slopes of hills, meandering through tunnels, over bridges and viaducts, between the vineyards and olive groves of Istria’s top producers..


A healthy body is a happy body, and one of the best ways to stay healthy is to get plenty of exercise. Hiking is an economical way to increase your activity level, while offering a plethora of health benefits. Start slowly, especially if you are a bit out of shape. Invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots and do your research first. Many hiking trails are rated by intensity, so get a hiking guide and start out at the level that is right for you.


Istrian coast is characterized by a number of Blue Flag beaches. Some of the best beaches in Croatia are in the area of Poreč and Vrsar. They are formed of picturesque coves, bays and capes, and rocky and pebbly beaches that invite into radical world of sea. While most beaches provide a variety of services and facilities, some have preserved a wild, untamed appearance. Belts of pine and olive trees will protect you from the summer heat. Caring for sustainable development has crowned beaches of Poreč, Vrsar and Novigrad riviera with numerous Blue flags.


Istrian cuisine will enchant you with its variety and balance. Sometimes you will experience the Mediterranean side of Istrian cuisine; at other times, its continental side. Adapting readily to the seasons of the year, it always uses the best olive oils and a variety of excellent wines.

No matter what time of year you visit Istria, you will find istrian food and gastronomy to be equally strong, passionate and intense. Treat your senses with tastes and smells of the Mediterranean and enjoy the the extraodinary Croatian food prepared just for you.


As a welcomed guest to Croatia’s Istria holiday haven, you’ll quickly see that the choice of events throughout the year has something for everyone to brighten up your holiday experience. In this heart-shaped region you’ll find it all – an event to suit every taste. There’s something for those in search of a historical experience, food and wine lovers to grasp some genuine Istrian flavour, colourful dance and music events for the young and energetic as well as the more mature among us.

You can find more events under this link: DISCOVER THE EVENTS