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Situated in the north of the Adriatic Sea, Istria, as the largest Croatian peninsula, is a region which offers an abundance of different experiences to all its visitors.
Of all the islands and peninsulas in the Mediterranean, Istria is the closest to central Europe, which, besides the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the traditional hospitality, makes it a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer months. Surrounded by the blue Adriatic, Istria is adorned by numerous natural beauties, picturesque beaches, islands, hidden bays which blend in with old Mediterranean towns, preserved in their
beauty of stone streets and small town squares. In the inland, or in green Istria, vineyards intertwine with lavender fields, olive groves, castles and places with distinguishing traditional architecture, incorporated into the beautiful nature. The coast and inland Istria complement each other with different atmospheres, thus creating the unique beauty of Istria..


Poreč tourism is more than sun, sea and perfect tourist image. The city is still keeping its historical values, which can be seen in the historical city center. You can find museums, galleries in the most valuable city palaces, many of them are the homes for people as they have been centuries ago. Many of our guests probably do not know that they are walking on the streets which were built during the Roman times. One part of the city ramparts and towers is still preserved, in the Pentagonal tower there is a restaurant and in the Round tower a pub. Besides Basilica, now it is possible to visit Euphrasius; bishopric, opened in the year 2000 as an architectural monument and the church museum. Poreč is a town located in the heart of the western coast of Istria. A town of culture, tourism, sport and entertainment, it has been recognised and awarded for the beauty of its public spaces and its cleanliness many times over.. Poreč grew from a small coastal settlement into an attractive tourist destination distinct for the great care put into the beauty of its public spaces, a wide variety of accommodation possibilities, a diverse offering of events and activities as well as facilities tailored to
each individual guest.

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